Now Available: YouTube Data Ingestion Improvements

Khoros Oracle

Effective immediately, we have improved our data ingestion capabilities with YouTube to remove several restrictions that were previously in place. Until now, we restricted comment fetching to videos that were published in the last 30 days, or the last 100 published videos – whichever applied first.

With the latest improvements, we've removed restrictions around video age for fetching comments. Any new comments on a video will be available in Khoros Care, regardless of the video’s publication date (age). This allows you to moderate and engage with the latest messages from your customers, even when the responses are on older videos. Along with this improvement, we now also ensure that comments on unlisted videos are fetched into the platform; as with public videos, any new comments, regardless of the age of the video, will be available for agents to respond to. Private videos and comments are not available via the YouTube API.

YouTube also allows hierarchical replies to individual comments, where users can reply in the context of the comment itself rather than the top-level video. Due to current YouTube API limitations, these replies must be fetched separately for each individual comment. In order to manage the available API rate limits, we currently fetch replies on comments that were posted within the last 30 days. We’ll continue to monitor usage in order to evaluate extending this time window to longer than 30 days, and will announce any enhancements as they become available.

The updates are already live, and no further action is required on your part to take advantage of these improvements. Please review our documentation for YouTube integration to learn how you can integrate and manage this channel via Khoros Care.

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Khoros Staff

Is the ingestion time still 15 minutes after a comment has been posted?


Best. News. Ever. Thank you!