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Khoros Oracle

Facebook Page Admin profiles who already utilize two-factor authentication at the user-level and business manager level are not impacted at this time.


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Khoros Staff

A few examples of what to expect from working in a push-next queue.


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Khoros Oracle

In early May, we announced exciting news that the user interface of Khoros Care (formerly Lithium SMM/Response) will be getting a visual refreshYour agents will see the updated UI when they log in on Thursday morning, July 25th. We expect the update to be released to all customers during the standard update window on Wednesday evening, July 24th / Thursday early morning, July 25th, depending on your region.

Why we are making this change
  • While many users love the Care user experience (UX), we have gotten feedback that the interface (UI) looks a bit outdated.
  • We want to improve accessibility, which requires some changes like larger font sizes and AA compliant contrast for low vision.
  • We need to rebrand the UI from Lithium to Khoros. 
What to expect
With this updated Care UI, you'll notice that the platform feels more modern, more accessible, and more aligned with our new Khoros branding. However, the changes are light, visual enhancements (details below), and will absolutely not change the UX layout or disrupt agent workflows.
These are the specific enhancements you will see in the updated Care UI (full screen preview here) on July 25th: 
  • Slightly larger font sizes and more legible text, following AA standards
  • Better contrast with at least a 4.5:1 contrast ratio for text
  • Fewer gradients
  • Cleaner buttons
  • Better accessibility, improving our overall WCAG2.0 compliance, which helps reduce eye strain for users in the platform all day
  • Style changes that match our Khoros brand look and feel
  • The navigation bar at the top will change to a darker color and display the Khoros logo
Key Takeaways
The Care UI update does not change the orientation of buttons, layouts, functionality, and most importantly, efficiency (full screen preview here). Agents will simply enjoy a more modern and accessible UI, with all buttons and UI elements in the same location.

There is no change to the login URLs on either .response or .app:
We hope you are as excited about these enhancements as we are! If you have feedback on these changes, we would love to hear it.

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Khoros Guru


We are excited to announce that the user interface of Khoros Care (formerly Lithium SMM/Response) will be getting a visual refresh. This move to the new Khoros branding will modernize the look and feel, and improve some accessibility issues.


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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Check out our latest eBook for SMMSocialhasgrownup.png


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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

What is it, how it works, and why it could be important for youfacebook-messenger-logo.jpg


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