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5 Must-Hear Podcasts for Community Managers

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


Already tired of hearing holiday music? Good news! There’s plenty of outstanding podcast content out there for community managers to dive into! Check out these recommendations, and have something ready to take notes on, because you’re going to want to incorporate the great advice and strategic suggestions into your own community goals for 2020: 


Community Signal

download (3).pngHosted by Patrick O’Keefe, a long-time community manager, this biweekly podcast profiles CMs from some of the most fascinating communities out there. Patrick also stays on top of trending topics and stories in the industry. 




Community Pulse

download (17).jpegA panel of entertaining personalities hosts this podcast focused on community management and developer relations. The subject matter is more technical in nature than the other podcasts mentioned here, which is also what makes this content truly stand out. 




Conversations with Bacon

download (18).jpegJono Bacon is a community strategist and former community manager himself. He not only interviews CMs for his show, but he also speaks with high-profile people working in tech, business, and entertainment. Expect a new show every three weeks.





Conversations with Community Managers

download (19).jpegThe Community Roundtable is one of the leading organizations for all-things-community-management. Their podcast focuses on interviewing one community professional, per show, and getting a better understanding of that person’s role, goals, and day-to-day responsibilities. Each episode is around 20 minutes, which makes for some quick and easy listening. 




Get Together

download (20).jpegTwo community pros, Bailey Richardson, and Kevin Huynh (and sometimes Kai Elmer Sotto) break down the nuts and bolts of community building. They’re interviewing community managers across many industries and platforms to take a deep dive into how their communities got started.


Did any of these podcasts spark new ideas or interests for your 2020 planning? If you’re looking for some strategic assistance in implementing these new ideas, talk to your Account Executive or Customer Relationship Manager on how Khoros can assist you through Success Services.


And leave a comment letting us know which podcasts you checked out and what you got out of them!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I also like the C2C pod from Derek Anderson (BevyLabs, StartupGrind)

Khoros Staff

One of the latest podcasts in the Community space that's got some great content is In Before the Lock.

Has anyone found other new ones recently?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I like The Connectors and Masters of Community from David Spinks

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @JacobBo and @PhilippeM  for adding those! So many great community podcasts have come out since I originally posted this! In addition to the ones you posted, here's a few more I've found:


Couple more worth a listen:

  • Cohere from Bill Johnston who is doing great work for the Community industry
  • This is loose but about building a network, so definitely relevant: Build Your Dream Network




Meetup have joined the Community podcast party. CEO David Siegel has started a new one.