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Community API v2 Refresh

Khoros Staff

Khoros Communities is backed a powerful API enabling your community to integrate seamlessly with your apps, websites, and beyond. It's our goal at Khoros to make these features as easy as possible to discover and learn.

It's for that reason that we are migrating our Community API v2 content to our Khoros Dev Docs portal at This migration comes with a host of new benefits that improve the developer experience.

Note: This migration currently only affects Community API v2 and not Community API v1.

These include:

  • Consistent search and navigation experience
  • Easy-to-follow API reference with examples, field descriptions, etc.
  • Frequent updates as new features become available
  • Robust cross-linking between guides and API documentation
  • Expanded tutorials and guides for common and uncommon use cases
  • Easily suggest changes and updates to existing documentation

We've completely redesigned our developer experience, including adding the full suite of Community API v2 endpoints to our API reference, a refreshed Object Index, and a new set of guides to help you get the most out of your development experience.

Here are some of the things we've recently migrated to

Expanded Use Case Documentation

This simple migration isn't all we're up to. We're dedicated to expanding our current documentation to include a wide range of use cases and tutorials to help you discover more ways to utilize our APIs to get even more out of Khoros Communities.

Have an idea for a tutorial or use case we should cover? Please comment below or email us and let us know!

Change is hard!

If you get lost with the new structure, here is the link to the old experience. It will be live for another couple of weeks as we evaluate feedback.


This is super helpful, thank you!!


I don't understand why the API Guide page only includes the v2 API endpoint calls for each object, and the LiQL queries are only under the Dev Docs Guide section. I find myself needing to learn which LiQL queries I need to make for my custom components/endpoints. Now I'm having to go back and forth between the Docs and API Reference pages for both sets of information.


The Dev docs for v2 has lost a lot of its value to me as, when using v2, I want to use LiQL as much as possible. The Guide page is center aligned and has a great amount of whitespace, making me have to scroll a significant amount more to go through the docs. Before, I could view practically every field on an object without scrolling. Now, I need to scroll and scan the page more to find what I'm looking for.


I'm happy to provide more feedback if you'd like, as I want to help make the experience better, and this move worries me. I really don't look forward to when the old reference pages are no longer accessible.