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Getting Started with the iOS SDK open beta

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

In May of 2017, we announced GA of our Community Android SDK. Today, we are pleased to announce our Lithium Community iOS SDK Open Beta Program.


The iOS SDK makes it easy for developers to integrate Lithium Community in their iOS apps quickly and easily. Developers can get started quickly with the mobile-support UI or go deep with a fully-customizable API-backed integration.


These are the things you are probably looking for:

  1. Read the requirements section in the documentation section here
  2. Documentation for Community overview for iOS SDK is here
  3. Community SDK repo for iOS( UI, Core, Example)
    • For a quick start, we recommend trying the example app
  4. To read up more on Custom SDK querying (Community V2 API)
  5. To lead more about features & capabilities ( read below)
  6. Leave us a note here if you're interested in joining the beta
    • Release schedule: Beta is out today, will run till April 30th
  7. Ask questions and share feedback in the Current Betas forum
    • add [iosSDK] to the subject line

Getting Started

We've tried to make getting the iOS SDK up and running as easy as possible. Check out the SDK projects on Github, and follow the instructions to get started. You can use our example project as both a starting point and a way to see how the libraries can work together in your app.

Note: In order to create the best possible product and experience, we will continue to iterate on the SDK throughout the beta period. Features may change before the product is generally available. We will post updates and changes in the Current Betas forum.

About the SDK

The iOS SDK and its related libraries are all available under the Apache 2.0 open source license. The SDK consists of the Lithium iOS SDK Core and Lithium iOS SDK UI Components libraries. The UI components library is optional.

The Core and UI libraries provide:

  • Platform API providers for common objects
  • Custom API providers for Community  v2 APIs
  • Push notification support (Apple Push Notification Service and Google Firebase)
  • User authentication support (Lithium Registration and Lithium SSO)
  • View Controllers for a support-focused community

The iOS SDK requires:

  • A Lithium Community running version 17.12 or later
  • Xcode 8+
  • iOS 9+
  • Swift 3.1+

What's in the SDK UI?

The SDK UI (li-ios-sdk-ui) is a support-focused take on delivering a minimal community UI for mobile applications.

The UI includes the ability to search, browse, post, respond to, and interact with forum content in a community. The UI requires the li-ios-sdk-core library.

We intend for some customers to use the UI out of the box, while others might use this as a jumping off point for more complex implementations.

Here are a few examples of the UI.

SDK UI Home View: Home screen provided by the SDK, invoked in a parent application. Search the community, see recent activity, and post a new topic


SDK UI Message View: View, kudo, accept as a solution, and reply to messages.


SDK Message Post Form: Post a new topic in the current board or within a different board.


Participating in the beta

Leave us a note here if you're interested in joining the beta or just want to learn more about using Lithium with mobile apps. Note that the SDK is designed for developers and partners with administrative access to Lithium Community.


As part of the beta program, you'll have access to the Lithium iOS development team. Reach out to us with feedback and ideas, and help make this product successful.

 When you're ready to start, see Getting Started with the Community iOS SDK to get up and running.

 The Beta program runs till April 30, so we ask that you jump in early (and often).

Where do I ask questions and share feedback?

Head over to our Current Betas forum. Simply add "[iosSDK]" to the subject line to ask a question or provide feedback. We'd like to get feedback on the development experience - let us know what you like, what could be improved as well as anything about UI or customizations you created.


The Lithium Community iOS SDK and the iOS Example App are licensed under the Apache 2 Open source library.





Hi @VimalGa,  thanks for the post!


Is there a ballpark for when iOS SDK will go GA?


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

By end of July'18. 


Hi! The link for "Getting Started with the Community iOS SDK" seems to be busted.  - Can you help me find this doc?