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How We Built It: Titans (Part 3)

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


The final chapter of our blog details the launch day of Titans and what engagement has looked like with this community in practice. 


We launched Titans on Monday, February 22nd and prepared resources to go live on the day.

We published a Blog Post which we had pre-written that announced the program launch to the entire community. This was shared on LinkedIn by members of the program team and Customer Organization to spread the word. 

All of the inaugural Titans were privately messaged through Atlas with a personalized note congratulating and thanking them for their engagement with Khoros and looking forward to more involvement together. 

Our Community team flipped the switch for the Titans and Mount Olympus Group Hubs to go live so our users would have seamless access to these spaces from launch day. 

Titan Engagement Opportunities  

Since launch, we’ve been encouraging Titans to participate in Customer Roundtable events where our Titans can meet to discuss product focused topics. We’ve structured these with a discussion topic and assigned time to break out into small groups to learn more about how Titans have faced and solved challenges in their space. 

We’re lucky our Titans have organically been engaging with each other - starting posts and asking questions - and we have weekly posts to spark discussion and new ideas. 

We’ve also partnered with Titans on Product Webinars and Podcast opportunities, the first of many ways we are showcasing the knowledge within Titans and giving our users the opportunity to be recognized by their peers. 

Growth of the Titans

Since Launch Day, we’ve added 40 Titans to the program and 23 Titans have leveled-up. 

We’ve continued to develop ideas and strategies to increase not only the quantity of Titans, but more importantly, the quality of engagement opportunities for our current Titans. We see this as a space for professional development and connection, and want to further enhance the overall experience for our most engaged and valued users.

While we continue to see engagement increase across Atlas as a whole, the interaction on Titan-dedicated spaces (Titans and Mount Olympus Group Hubs) has been in the Top 5 most utilized spaces on Atlas consistently since launch. 

Retrospective Learnings

Since Launch Day, we’ve been able to reflect back on the experience and want to share a few suggestions of the dos and don’ts we’ve determined were the most crucial learnings.

One thing we’d suggest you do is plan your time efficiently to perform all activities within a set window of time. For us, this was about a 4 hour window on launch day. One of the greatest time savers that we'd recommend you implement is scheduling all blog posts and informative messaging in advance to go live within this window. This will free you up from that manual task and allow you to focus on sending personalized invitations or support in troubleshooting. 

Additionally, we suggest that you utilize an email template tool with an HTML export feature for the personalized invitations. This will enable you to create a nicely formatted invitation design that you can then use within Atlas private messaging or email. 

One thing we’d suggest you don’t do is wait until launch day to coordinate a dedicated communication space for launch activities. In the weeks leading up to launch day, prepare your Community team supporting with “flipping the switch” with a timeline of the day and when each task needs to be executed, along with a method of connecting on troubleshooting. 

Thank you for reading our 3 part series on how we built the Titans program! Please let us know any thoughts or questions you have. If you are interested in becoming a Titan please contact @AryannaK on Atlas who can assist you.