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Introducing Editor v2: Enhance your Message Editing & Posting experience

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Editor v2 takes a big step forward in providing community users with a contemporary message editing experience. Read on to learn about all the message editor improvements.

How is the Editor v2 going to help users?

Streamlined editing pane

We have removed the antiquated tabs structure (Rich Text, HTML and Preview) in favor of a more streamlined experience. You can access the HTML view from the message editor toolbar, and the Preview mode is now accessible via a link in the top-right corner of the editing page.

For users writing only plain text (which is by far the majority of community users), this solution strips away the visual clutter of these extra tabs and lets them just write.

Toolbar button optimization and consistency

We made several improvements to the message editing toolbar to optimize it and make it more consistent:

  • Toolbars across all discussion styles are now consistent and have the same controls. Moreover, the toolbars include many more options that cater to all messaging use cases.
  • Toolbars have been optimized according to each discussion style.
    • Blog/TKB authors need advanced formatting options. So, all the toolbar options are visible upfront.
      Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 8.03.18 PM.png

      Screenshot: TKB/Blog toolbar

    • Other discussion styles, comments/replies and teasers have only basic options such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Image, Video visible up front and rest of the formatting options can be revealed with a single click when authors need them.


      Screenshot: Toolbar in other Discussion Styles, Comments/Replies & Teaser

  • The mobile toolbar has been optimised as well.


    Screenshot: Mobile Editor toolbar

  • Customization of the toolbar options for each discussion style and comments is supported in Editor v2. Admins/Community Managers can disable any buttons as well as add new ones by contacting Support

Better visual display for code samples

While documenting a piece of code, readability is utmost important.

In Editor v2, users can now OOTB choose a programming language (10 languages are supported) and insert a piece of code.

Inserted code blocks show the right indentation and Syntax highlighting according to the programming language making it very easy to follow it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 8.05.36 PM.png
Screenshot: Sample Java code posted

In-line image editing

To reposition, re-size (small, medium, large) and insert a hyperlink for an image, the user need only click on the image and choose the appropriate option inline.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 8.05.02 PM.png
   Screenshot: Inline Image Editing

Improved emoji support

Emojis are a very powerful medium of expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. An emoji such as “👍” can be used to replace the text - “All the Best!” or “Best of Luck!” or “Well Done!”.


Editor v2 brings you the Unicode standard set of 2500+ emojis divided across 8 categories. Emojis are supported across both Apple and Windows devices.

Picture3.png                       Picture4.png
Screenshot: Emojis on Apple                              Emojis on Windows

Admins can choose to disable an emoji category or specific emojis within a category across community through Community Admin Settings.


In addition to the standard emoji sets, you can now add custom emojis much more simply via Studio. (Custom emojis added in v1 also will be shown here) Admins can simply name and upload a custom emoji image, and it will be available for all users across community as part of custom emoji category.

Screenshot: Emoji Studio UI for Custom Emojis

How to enable Editor v2 ?

Message Editor v2 is currently available as Early Access. Open a Support ticket to enable it.

When Enabling Editor v2:

  • If the toolbar is not customised in v1, Editor v2 will come with all default options as explained above
  • If the toolbar is already customised in Editor v1, same will be retained in Editor v2 (for example, if a custom button is added or an OOTB button is disabled in v1 it will be carried forward in v2.)
  • Buttons introduced in v2 - HTML, Quotes, Macros, new options such as indentation, Paragraph etc. will be added to the toolbar. Admins can still choose to remove buttons in v2 via Support.

For more details about Editor v2, check out the Community Release Notes.

As always, we look forward to getting your feedback.

Khoros Expert

Thank you @SohilM  for the very comprehensive article !! 👌🏻


Ugh, I've found an annoying issue with the code editor part of this here on the Khoros Community. I pasted in some HTML that had an iframe, and indicated to the code editor that it is, indeed, HTML.

The code editor (or some other post-processing) then mucked with my HTML and added extra "<a href=..." code around the URL of my iframe. See this post for my attempts to get it to work:


(Also, Sorry, maybe this nice blog post isn’t the right place for me to whine about a bug! Please feel free to move my comment above to a better place for such discussion - maybe the relevant release notes?)


Hi! I'm wondering if there is a way to see full private message history with another user? Thanks! 


@Leandra_N I think this is probably not the right place for your question.

Try here.


We noticed that you can't copy/paste urls into the Text Editor V2 from IE Browser when creating or replying to a post.

I tried here on the Khoros community as well. Doesn't work. We reported to Support.


Is the list of existing labels to choose from gone in this version? Or is it a bug if they don't show? 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@JulieU should be a bug if they dont show. There has been no change in that area in this version. 


I was wondering if there is a list of the 12 supported languages for code samples? Thanks!

"In Editor v2, users can now OOTB choose a programming language (~12 languages are supported) and insert a piece of code."


Looks like ~12 = 10 actually:


HTML/XML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C#, C++


Our company uses this now for our products, but there is no support for VB / VBA / VBScript or SQL. Please can these languages be supported too?




I have seen that now when you want to reply the discussion here in Atlas the message editor loads to the thread / message editor is embedded to the page instead of separate view - is this something custom or out of the box feature?

How I can get this?

Khoros Staff

hey @TeroRe ,

We've been working on inline replies and threading. It's in EA now and the plan is to move to GA in the next release (20.3). More detailed are available here


Thanks @NickH but I dont mean that.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@TeroRe If you are asking asking about the comment form in the below screenshot, it is customised editor by Atlas Community. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 8.42.26 PM.png

If you are asking about the reply form in topics of Khoros Community Discussions, it is similar to what @NickH has mentioned. The new feature Inline Replies & Threading released in Khoros Communities 20.1 Release is better as it has both inline replying and also threading. 



@SohilM yeah, I mean that your screenshot. When you are on the thread and want to reply to certain comment, message editor (not the reply) opens under that certain comment. In our community when I press Reply it opens separate page for the message editor.

How big customization there is behind of this feature, if we want same behaviour than Atlas has with the message editor? I think user experience with this behaviour is much better than in our community.

Maybe this would be out of the box feature some day?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@TeroRe The same behavior (open message editor right under a certain comment) is now available OOTB for Forums in Khoros Communities 20.1 Release. Also, threading of the replies with visual indentation is available. For Blogs, we do not have it yet OOTB. 


@SohilM & @NickH okay, sorry, my bad. Confused with the terms. So this open message editor right under a certain comment is Inline replies. Excellent!


Is a formula/equation editor option available in the editor? If not, are there plans to add this functionality in the future?



@SohilM Just a quick one. Our users are complaining about the very slimmed-down mobile editor. They can underline or cross out text pieces or mark text italic. Any chance to make thos things available in the mobile version?


@CKummer Thanks for asking this here. Our users ask for all the editing options also for mobile. So, our users are not alone. 40% of users come on mobile devices.
Our experience is, that the configuration of the editor toolbars is quite tricky. We asked support to help us with it.


@SohilM @JuergenM 

Hopefully the editor options will be available out of the box without complex customizations.

And there is one more thing our users are complaining about. If they want to edit a quote via mobile and they tap somewhere in the quote / text the screen jumps to the top. That's really annoying and seems a common problem. I hope Khoros is aware of this and has already a solution in mind. 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@CKummer  Support should be able to help you with mobile toolbar options. 

We are aware of the cursor jumping issue on mobile while editing a quote and we are looking into it. 


@sbeadle Did you ever manage to get this resolved as I can't see any reference to this language in any posts here on the Community and wondering if we can ask Khoros Support to add it:

"Our company uses this now for our products, but there is no support for VB / VBA / VBScript or SQL. Please can these languages be supported too?"


Nothing yet @elbranscomb .


@sbeadle OK thanks for letting me know. Did you have any discussions directly with Khoros on this or create an Idea? I'd be happy to support that Idea if you've already created one?


Is it possible to create a custom button with a markup? e.g. <blockquote></blockquote>. You could than copy and paste any text snippet you like into the editor and transform it into a quote. Hope someone could help me with that. 🙂



Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@CKummer Please reach out to Support to add blockquote toolbar option in the Editor. 


We had a user ask if it's possible to customize what icons are displayed in line 1 of the text editor before you click on the three dots to expand. A common use case for our users is inserting code snippets which is hidden in the collapsed version and may not be obvious to new users that it exists and they can use that to format their code better. 

Is it possible to customize the layout of what's on line 1 and line 2 of the toolbar?

Khoros Expert

Hello @elbranscomb, yes it is possible to define a specific setup for the text editor, but it has to be done in the backend by our support team. So don't hesitate to ask them directly 😀👍🏻


Hey, wanted to post myself and see if gender neutral emojis are supported, or will be at some point as now they're showing in two icons

For example:  🧑‍💻 (technologist)