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Lithium CX Files: Stephen Fell (TalkTalk)

Retired Community Manager

A superuser program can be incredibly beneficial for any community. Your superusers are your top contributors and biggest advocates, but what happens when there are conflicts with superusers? For this month’s Lithium CX Files, we sat down with Stephen Fell (@Fellsteruk) of TalkTalk to learn about his superuser program and how to best manage conflicts when they come up.




What are some of Stephen’s tips?

  1. Have clear and transparent guidelines. Let them know what’s okay, and what isn’t.
  2. Set the right expectations. What do you expect from your superusers? Make that clear.
  3. Remember we’re all human. When a superuser acts against the rules, remember that they're human too, and that there might be something else going on. Send a PM, email or give them a call.



Want to learn more from Stephen? Check out his guest blog on 6 Tips on Driving Engagement.




Many great pearls of wisdom here!  I rather like your "who's who" in the community bit to help guide new arrivals to understand the level of support, who does what, etc - sets expectations  In the community I managed, new customers occassionally mistook the volunteer community moderators (one of our super user roles) as employees - your idea would likely have helped.


I agree with you on the super user guidelines.  We had this as part of their advocacy package, explaining the kind of conduct we expected, and the moderation team had their own KB section and ongoing best practices discussions to cover how best to deal with spammers, trolls, etc.   I think you have codified this particularly well.  


Great job on the video!


Best regards,




Very good implementation of Gaming Skills .