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Slack - Community Integration

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Community managers/Administrators want to remain updated with the type of content being posted on their respective communities. They also want to ensure timely response to community members/end users’ queries. 

Community managers want notifications and the ability to respond quickly because they want to create a great experience for the visitors and members in their community. Pro-active and increased engagement in a community provides a better experience that is associated with the brand and helps the community grow.

With multiple desktop/mobile applications out there, one is constantly switching between these applications to get things done. Be it setting up schedules and meetings on calendars, reading emails, communicating with colleagues via messaging tools like slack/teams etc, there is always a constant move from one application to another. And for community managers, community itself is one additional application that also requires attention.

Slack and Community integration brings your community to your Slack workspace. 

With Community and Slack integration, community managers/administrators/staff can be notified of community discussions on Slack instantly. And people can then reply, kudo, or discuss the post with others directly in Slack.  

How does this work?

Khoros has developed a Slack application “Community by Khoros”. This App will be a bridge between your slack workspace and your community platform. It is a one stop solution that enables you to interact with your community without you actually visiting the community. 

With the “Community by Khoros” App for Slack you can:

  • Receive notifications of all the message post subscriptions. If you have subscribed to a board/post/thread, you will receive instant notifications on your Slack workspace. This includes replies to comments or new posts.
  • If you have been mentioned in any of the community posts, that demand your immediate attention, you will be instantly notified on your Slack Workspace
  • You can reply immediately once you receive the notifications from Slack workspace itself. You need not login to the community
  • You want to search something in the community? No need to login to the community. You can use slash command from your workspace to search within your community

Blog3 2 2.png


In addition, you can also leverage existing features of Slack. If you want to be reminded later on a notification, set up a reminder. You can even copy the link and share the notifications across different Slack channels.

How do you enable Slack - Community Integration?

Slack Integration is available as an Early Access. Please file a support ticket to enable it.

Community by Khoros application can only be installed by a community manager/administrator of a Khoros community. 

You can install the “Community by Khoros” app directly from the Admin Portal of your community. 

Step 1: Visit Slack Integration under Admin Portal:


Step 2: Once you click on “Add to Slack” button”, you will be routed to a Slack permission page:

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For more details about Slack Integration, please check out Slack Integration Details.

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