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Utility Organisations Strive to Reach Optimal Level of Customer Support & Engagement

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We recently participated in the Australian Utilities Show and were excited to be amongst the buzz of 1500+ global utility experts at the Sydney Australian Tech Park. Talk about a smart and empowering group of attendees!


We were thrilled to have Engerati (Global energy network, based in South Africa) interview our very own Nick McAvaney (@NickM) at the show, where Lithium co-presented with our customer AGL.


In this exclusive interview, Nick shares his experience in working with leading Australian Utility Organisations in building superior customer experience strategies. Nick explains how utility organisations are seeking to transition into high tech organisations in order to provide superior engagement and customer support.


He also discusses how a Total Community strategy and the ability to connect customers and superusers, increases brand loyalty and engagement while boosting an organisation’s NPS score. By reaching out during the launch stage, brands can find those customers that are extremely passionate users by applying a level of gamification, rewards (badges) and recognition.



Watch the video here:

Australian Utility Week is a large scale international expo dedicated to building the “Digital Utility” and took place in November 2016.


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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Great post @AdeleB! @NickM Great interview, mate.  You nailed it.

Proud of you two Aussies! 🙂   


Well explained engagement policies. 🙂