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Is there a way to get a list or .csv of all the users that have registered within your Community? We've made a few test emails that we'd like to delete, but I forget how to go about doing that if I don't remember the actual username (if there is a way) . 

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Below API can help you to get the user details using email I'd


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Hi @Finney0225 

Go to

Community Admin --> Metrics --> User Reports

Leave everything as it is but in the dropdown choose "Username" and ad column and than "E-Mail" and ad column. 


Screenshot 2019-02-21 20.59.40.png

Than export to csv. 

After you found the user in the csv. you can go to Mod Tools --> Edit User.

Here you can search users by Username, Email or SSOID. 

If you found the user you can change the E-mail



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