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Alternatives to poll feature

Hi everyone,

Today, I was setting up the poll feature within our community and I'm pretty disappointed in the lack of functionality. 😥 Users can only vote for one option, the HTML options are broken, the poll can really only go in the sidebar, you can't limit the poll to certain roles, etc. There's a lot that could be done with this feature, but I imagine not a lot of people are using it as I don't see too many convos here about it. 

What do you use for polls within the community?



Lili McDonald
Senior Community Manager @ Udemy
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Agree that the polls feature is awful. I took a quick look once, realized it was completely un-loved, and never looked again.

We don't really do polls, but when we need to do surveys we embed Google forms in blog posts. I imagine other people have better solutions :-).


Yes, unloved is a good description @CarolineS.

We used it early in our community's life, then dumped it when we did our mobile-focused responsive redesign. I would like to revive it as they can be a great easy way for people to participate on the site. But I would much rather they could be embedded in discussions.