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Are others seeing this bug? Unable to unsubscribe from Group Hubs


I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this bug, or if it's something unique to our setup.

Basically, our users are unable to unsubscribe from group hubs at the group hub level. They can go in to the discussion forum or tkb or blog within the group hub and unsubscribe, but attempting to unsubscribe from a group hub results in an error.

Error after clicking "Unsubscribe" at the group levelError after clicking "Unsubscribe" at the group level


I have tried the same thing here on Atlas, and I *don't* see an issue. So I'm curious if anyone else sees this error on their own platforms.


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Hi all!

For anyone who is using group hubs - I'd be very grateful if you could check for this behavior on your community. Support says "We are suspecting that it is related to the settings present in the community Admin." - but I don't know where to start looking for the source of this error.

Or, any ideas of which settings might cause this inability to unsubscribe from group hubs at the group hub level?

Thank you!!

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@AmyS @RayC Any ideas on where Caroline might start to troubleshoot? 

There's no option in admin I can think of that would cause this. If the option to subscribe is present it should work. I think we'd have to look at the logs to get the exact error and go from there. I can't reproduce it myself.

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Thanks Amy! I couldn’t think where to look in admin either. I’ll ask support to look in the logs. 

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@CarolineS   I created a Group Hub in our Staging environment, subscribed, received a notification, unsubscribed, and still received notifications even though it shows me as unsubscribed.  I created an open group and was signed in as an Administrator but not an admin of the group.

I don't know much about Group Hubs yet since we haven't implemented it at this time but I did test to share what I experience.

I didn't receive an error message when I unsubscribed, I just kept getting notifications which isn't expected, in my opinion.

Thank you so much for testing it! Sounds like maybe there are multiple bugs / issues gong on. 

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Just an update, support made some mysterious change on the backend of our prod site and this is fixed now for us! I've asked them to provide more info about what the change was. But I'm glad it's fixed!

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