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Article permissions

Can you make a single article public (accessible without a login) in a knowledge base that is private (accessible with a login)? 

From what I read, probably not. Our use case is that we have less than 10 docs that have been approved to be viewable without login or registration. What we don't want is to create a single TKB for the handful of docs, as content wise they should be in the sections that they are currently in. The challenge is that the other docs in those sections are considered to be sensitive, so login/registration is required. 


If the answer is no, the answer is no. Thought I would check in to see if anyone else came across a use case like this and how they solved for it. Thank you! 

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Hi @rose_cobb - unfortunately, this is not possible. You may want to add this product idea to the Idea Exchange. I think it would be great to have this feature. 👍


Lili McDonald
Senior Community Manager @ Udemy
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