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Auto Subrcibe to a Board in the Community



Is it Possible to Auto Subscribe to a baord in the community as soon as the user registered?


The community is enabled with SSO






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Hi Abhishek,


Unfortunately, OOTB it is not possible. But you can do some customization by using the subscribe board V1 Post Call:


<#if user.registered>

<#assign subscribeBoard = restadmin("/boards/id/[id] /subscriptions/users/self/add?subscription.type='email'")  />




Payal Uppal

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Hi Payal,


Does SSO need to be enabled for this to be enabled? Where do you I find the subscribe board V1 Post call? 


Thanks for your help.

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@hspriet - You can find the subscribe board V1 Post call here.



Payal Uppal

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