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Avatar Reports Metrics or LSI?

We would like to run a report to see all users that updated their avatar in a certain date range.  

I'm unable to locate a user report for avatar updates in LSI or Metrics?

Is this report possible to build?

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Honored Contributor

I've love to know if this is possible as well. 

This might not help now but we have a badge in our community for those who update their avatar so to get an idea of how many updated we can use LSI's Badges report. Beyond this I don't how how to get that information, perhaps via the API?


While this isn't a solution to avatar reports, your idea of creating a badge then run a report for all users that earned that badge within a certain date range is a workaround.  Thank You!!


@tyw   How does your badge get assigned to users?  Since there isn't reporting, we can't get the badges to automatically assign?


Oh geez @tyw  - I like your style.  That is some serious h4x to get a specific report.  Props.

@jamiemccardle - Try this page here, where it says:

To award a badge when a user changes their default avatar image, use this syntax:

avatar_change = true

Note: At this time, this badge is triggered only when the user chooses/uploads their own avatar not, not if they change it to another image in one of the community avatar libraries.