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Blogs v3: Blog Dashboard component showing up for anonymous users?

Hi ya'll!

We are testing out Blogs v3 on our staging site, and we've noticed that the Blog Dashboard component shows up for anonymous users, with a "View My Contributions" link. This doesn't make any sense / seems like a bug.

Does anyone else see this issue? I'll also file with support but wanted to see if it was something odd with our configuration or a more general issue.

A blog on our staging site (Blogs v3)A blog on our staging site (Blogs v3)



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Support has confirmed this is a bug. Here is what they wrote in the support case:

With reference to your query about blog dashboard visible to users without permission, we have identified this issue as a bug with the Blogs V3 feature.

The issue is being reviewed by our engineering team, I will keep you updated as we hear back from our team.
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@CarolineS This is fixed and will be backported to 21.2 in a few days. I will update the thread after the backport is complete. 

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Bug is fixed on our staging site now, yay! (Revision: 21.2 (21.2-release r2103242028))

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