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Board and Category ID?

In LSI, I want to filter something by a board or category ID, but it's asking for a numeric value. How do I get the numeric values for board and categories?

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Hi @allisonn,


As you browse categories and boards under the Content section of LSI, the URL will change to display the node ID, e.g.:


Hope this helps!

Julie Hamel
Director of User Advocacy @ Dataiku
Also previously known as JulieH
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Thanks Julie. I feel like there should be an easier way to do this... 🙂

Back in the day the IDs were surfaced directly in the URL. Users didn't really understand what they were and it provided no value from an SEO perspective. Thus they were phased-out of the URL when SEO-friendly URLs were brought in.


IMO the IDs should be surfaced in the Community Structure tab somehow.