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Bug? Group Owner w/ "Community Admin access for group hub" can't actually access admin


We have some odd behavior on our site and I'd like to check if others are seeing it.

For a group hub WITH A BLOG, if the group owner role is granted "Community Admin access for group hub" permission, group owners can't actually access the admin console. 😞

Group hubs that don't have blogs don't have this problem.


Anyone else seeing this?


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Are you using the default roles or created your own?

For the fun of it - On the role itself, enable all the 'event' permissions to true/granted, and try it - Any luck?

In a past update, our unique roles we created for 'Group Leaders' got nuked when they rolled out Events. I still don't understand it, but for some reason the event node permissions all had to be enabled/mirrored to the group hub permissions, else it wouldn't work.

We use the "member" role, but adjusted a bit. And group owners have a "Group Admin" role that is a clone of the group owner role (w/ some adjustments...). We made the "Group Admin" role because we don't want all the group admins to show up on the "request to join" page. (wheeee!)

We don't have the event module so I don't see the event permissions. Good thought though!!

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I don't know if this is related we had issues when we cloned the Admin role and made a Moderator Admin. It had all the same permissions just a different title. The cloned role was not able to access any of the admin options in the Group Hub Options menu but the original Admin role worked just fine. 

We raised a support ticket and were told that the OOTB Admin role has elevated permissions and that Customized role clones don't have those. We had to revert to just using the OOTB to get the permissions we needed which was not the best solution for us but worked to get the permissions we needed. 

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Oooh that’s good to know, @elbranscomb! I’ll try it out as an OOTB owner and see what happens. 

@elbranscomb Do you happen to know more specifically what the OOTB "Owner" role can (the "elevated permissions") do vs cloned roles? I'm struggling mightily with some group hub permissions at the moment and it would be helpful to have a list. I can also ask support if you don't know!

Sorry I don't we weren't given that information. If you do get it from support and can share that would be interesting for us too. Good luck. 

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Hi @elbranscomb -

I've been going back and forth with support about this! First they said

"And also I would like to inform you that the owner role has some hidden roles in the back end which is not shown on the community admin and they were present and monitored in the backend system. If you tried cloning the role with the owner role due to some hidden permissions you might not able to achieve some tasks."

BUT then they said: 

"Ideally as per the product functionality if you cloned the role with the owner role without making any changes to any of the permission then it should work as same as the owner role. Hence you can use the cloned role instead of the owner role."

What I glean from this is that there are some special things the Group Owner can do but for some reason product/support isn't eager to share exactly what those are.

Thought you might be interested in this update (even though it doesn't actually provide us with new information 😛


Latest update from support: 

I apologize for the confusion here. It was a miss from my end, I had checked with our senior team and they confirmed that we don’t have any hidden roles and permission for the admin role.

Whatever the roles we see in the front end in the community admin those were the only roles in the community admin.

Update on this - It does seem that a user with Owner permissions can access the Member Management screen / the "Manage Members" menu item, whereas a user with a role cloned from Owner can't do this. Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior - checking in with support.


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