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Bulk member download - does it work for you?

Hi ya'll!

I usually use the user report from admin when I need a member download, but I thought I'd try the new Bulk Download Member Data from Community Analytics. 


Unfortunately, when I click this, nothing seems to happen. Does it work for you? Maybe I'm just not being patient enough.

I'll report to Khoros support as well, but thought I'd see here if it's working for others. 


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Ah, yes, forgot about "number of posts", thanks for that reminder! (been a while since I pulled this data myself, was just doing some ad-hoc analysis...). Still do have to add blog comments though, as you say.

Khoros Staff

Hi Everyone, 
We had a few intermittent issues with Bulk Member Download in Community Analytics . Its been set right. Please let us know if anyone experiences more issues with it. 

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Wasn't working for me yesterday, but today I was already able to download the csv file 🙂

Thank you!

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