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Can I move a blog post into a TKB?

Hi ya'll!

We are just getting started with TKBs. We have a bunch of blog posts that really should have been knowledge base articles, but we hadn't bought the module yet.

I'm testing out moving our blog posts to be knowledge base articles, and I don't see the relevant knowledge base node when I go to move the blog post. 


 Am I missing something or is this not possible?

Thanks, ya'll!

- Caroline

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Hi Caroline!

I'm pretty sure, unfortunately, that's a no.

We had to abandon using the TKB format for one of our projects because of this limitation.

I think this idea applies:

Can you do it through KB Nominations with an intermediate step to a discussion board:

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the quick & comprehensive response @Drew_C! Much appreciated. 

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Ah, I think the "nomination" process only applies to discussion posts. I'm hoping to convert some blog posts to TKB articles. Alas.

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