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Can I see who marked a post as accepted solution?

Is there a way for an admin to see who marked a particular post as a solution?


Thanks, Jerry

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It would not be possible to get the acceptor's details with Topic message. You need to dig out it's accepted solutions. Here is the API to get the accepter's details, 

select solution_data, from messages where is_solution = true


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Just to elaborate a bit on this functionality: We added in 15.7 on the pre-responsive skin the admin option to show who accepted a solution (Here's the associated release notes: ). This feature didn't make it across to the responsive skin though. You can create a custom component using the API call VikasB outline to obtain the data on who accepted a message as a solution. Technically you would check if the current message is marked as a solution and then obtain the author information via passing the message ID to the API v2 call

SELECT solution_data FROM messages WHERE id = '120288'

which would return you something like the following that you can format accordingly then:


 "status" : "success",

 "message" : "",

 "http_code" : 200,

 "data" : {

   "type" : "messages",

   "list_item_type" : "message",

   "size" : 2,

   "items" : [ {

     "type" : "message",

     "solution_data" : {

       "type" : "solution_data",

       "message_id" : "439",

       "accepter" : {

         "type" : "user",

         "id" : "31",

         "href" : "/users/31",

         "view_href" : "/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/31",

         "login" : "admin"


       "time" : "2016-06-23T14:32:26.000-07:00"


   } ]


 "metadata" : { }


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