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Can custom tags be applied to a user?


We would like to apply a custom tag to users so our moderators can identify top-tier customers in our community. Is this possible?



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@stacias Custom tagging a user is not available in that sense that's similar custom tagging posts with attribute tags or even tagging content via SMM.  We do have user roles that you can place these users in.

My suggestion is to create a "top-tier customer" role and assign it to those users that apply.  Moderators can view that role on the user profile (as long as you have that Manage roles component on the profile page; not visible to normal members).

In LSI, you can filter by that role and get metrics for that role specifically if you need it, which makes it beneficial.

Adding the role will need to occur user by user OR if you run a User Report to determine a larger list of your top-tier customers, you can use our Import Roles feature:

Larry Imgrund
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Thank you Larry. Exactly what I needed to know. Very helpful.




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