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Category Not Appearing on Mobile Device

Why would a category not appear in Mobile for some users and it appears in the desktop for others? 

Has anyone seen this?  It's a public category.  Even users that aren't logged in should see it.

We noticed users that are Employees, Moderators, or Admin can see it on their desktop but not mobile (screen resolution.  Not device specific)

*It works in our Staging environment.

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Sounds wacky!! We haven't seen (or at least, we haven't noticed!) this issue. 

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Interesting we had this recently happen in our Staging desktop site where a category  and a board wasn't hidden in the Edit Properties dialog but wasn't displaying for anyone. I tried checking the 'Hide from lists and menus' option and saved. Then a couple of seconds later I unchecked the hide box in Edit Properties and saved it and it magically reappeared. 

We have recently had indexing issues across our environments so I put it down to that but interesting to hear you have a similar weird issue on mobile. 


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