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Changing Usernames

I'm probably missing something really obvious but how can a user change their own username?


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Just to follow up here, it appears any rules set in Lithium for username moderation do not carry over to SSO.


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Hi All,
Just spoke with, one of our PM's for Lithium. If you go under Moderator Tools > Edit Users> you should be able to change the user name of even an SSO user.
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This can serve as a temporary measure, but you will find that with an SSO implementation if a username is only changed on the Lithium side, not on your CRM, the next time the user logs in it will just revert to their old username.




We've got SSO implemented across our community and I've successfully changed user names with @ryanj64's instructions. Not a temporary measure. Perhaps this was due to a recent Lithium version update. At any rate, it holds. Very useful feature.

Also interesting for me to discover that user names can include spaces (I had been using an underscore between words).

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