Complaints about the editor on mobile devices

Hey everybody, 

I would like to know if I am the only one receives a lot of complaints about the usability of the editor an mobile devices. What's up in your communities?



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Khoros Staff

@CKummer Thanks. We do have this in our backlog. In the meantime, please contact support to increase the height of the editor. 

We started to do images for headers but might lean towards solid colors for some of the headers. Good to know this was a problem so that we could avoid it @karolinalinda 


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Undock on mobile or both mobile and desktop? I like it!

also surprised that the mobile editor doesn't have an insert picture option. That is one I know my members will ask for to show in mobile mode.


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@MarkAtTruth The feature are still in there but you have to modify your skin to unhide those buttons. You should ask the support or your contact for that. 

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