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Configure Lithium to send an automatic email every morning for certain metrics as csv file?

Is there a way to schedule a report to email me on a daily basis?

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Hi @kanderson,

This is possible from Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI). 

From the Community Dashboard -> Click Lithium Social Intelligence.

Click on the Gear.PNG icon against the metric you want and select 'Schedule Report'. See screenshot below for example - 


You can enter the Report title, description, select the frequency and date range and click Save. The report will be sent to your registered email address. 

Schedule a Report.PNG

Hope this helps!





Can I specify a different person to receive the email? Someone who may not be registered?


@kanderson - I don't think that is an option.  You may go through this article -


@kanderson To my knowledge, the only way to have it send to someone else would be to create an account for them and set it up in the same fashion - Otherwise, you also could use an outlook rule (Set it up so you receive the report daily, and create an outlook rule to automatically forward that email once it is received)