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We are considering using content syndication as a way to populate a page on an external site to act as a "changelog". Basically the idea is that we would create TKB articles which serve as the changelog entry, and then using labels/tags, would display this elsewhere (potentially the download site), display all the articles that have a label matching the version number. I noticed that the max for the content syndication is only 10. Is there a way to increase this number?

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Content syndication is the process of republishing your content on third-party sites. After all, how many guest blog posts can you write in a week or a month? see if they're all originally published on the site or have an attribution message.


@Bonilla598the way we were considering using it was that each Bug or Feature in our software would have it's own post in the community, and then using labels, we can create a kind of changelog and display it on the download site using content syndication. 

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Hi @Nconforti , Yes presently we support max 10 articles for content syndication. And this list would change as and when new content comes, displaying latest articles. In such case do you feel the need to syndicate more than 10 articles/topics at any given point of time? Please let me know. 


Yes, we very likely would need more than 10 articles.

You can imagine like when Khoros publishes their release notes in one post. What we want to do instead is each changelog entry (bugfix, feature) has it's own post. In this post, we would describe what the bug or feature is, any workarounds, and additional details. And each would be labelled with the version that it is fixed in. 

Then in our download or documentation site, we would use content syndication to create a list of all these changes, and the users can then click on the article to view more details about it. It wouldn't help to only see the latest 10, but rather to see all the articles that meet a certain criteria (product + version)

Hi @Nconforti , got it! That is an interesting use of content syndication 😊

We will surely take this up for consideration. I cannot commit on the timeline at this stage, but I will try to pull this in.



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@Nconforti - Is something like what Atlassian does what you're looking for?

Each 'card' is a short description of update (teaser of the article), while it links out to the full article which actually exists inside of Khoros?

(Yes, I realize how much of a Khoros nerd I am when I can try to give examples of other folks Khoros communities potentially doing what you want 🤣)

Edit: Should have added that's a customization they did so it's not something out of box, but definitely possible via API!



That's a really cool example actually! Yes, something similar (although Atlassian's looks nicer than what I was thinking 😄

Still, I think it would be possible to use content syndication to pull the same information and make it look nice without having to write any additional scripts to pull the content via API, which is what I'm trying to avoid. 

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