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Define metric.net_overall_threads

Hi.  I'm looking at this article:


All Discussion Styles



Please help me understand:

  • All Discussion Styles - Only discussions, or blogs, TKBs, ideas included?
  • What is metric.net_overall_threads?   Is that equal to topic root posts?  
  • What is metric.net_overall_posts?  Is that topic root post + replies?

Apologies in advance.  I manage various community platforms and sometimes the terminology between them doesn't match up. 

Thanks - Kim

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Khoros Staff

@kgroneman Here is what they mean!  All discussion styles means any discussion style you can create on Khoros: Forums, Blogs, Ideas, Contests, TKB, Q&A, etc.

metric.net_overall_threads = Any discussion style "thread" or "article" (that is equal to a topic root post)

metric.net_overall_replies = Any discussion style "reply" or "comment"

metric.net_overall_posts = ALL posts the user has created (threads + replies + articles + comments; all of it)


Larry Imgrund
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