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Drag and drop images on posts - anyone seeing issues?

We are seeing an issue in the text editor drag and drop functionality that we've not seen before and wondering if anyone else is too. 

When you drag any image from your own files on screen it presented two target areas to drop your file into. If you drop it on the top one which looks like it's the post body area then it opens the image in a new tab and when you return to your original post creation screen you're stuck in this view with no way to get out of it other than reload.

If you drop it on the lower target area it performs as expected and adds the image as an attachment.


Wondering if it's just us but raising a support ticket anyway. 

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Yes, that's my experience here on Atlas @elbranscomb.

The image opens in a new tab and you can't make your post. I'm using Chrome on a Macbook.




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I noticed this issue the other day as well in our community.

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We were hoping this would be working consistently as well.

Any news on this?  21.7 dropped on July 30th.  Did that version break something?

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This issue is fixed and will be deployed to all communities by the end of next week. 

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