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Email domain in ranking formula?

Hi ya'll!

I fear the answer to this is "no," but I thought I'd double-check... I'd like to automatically grant a rank (and hence a role) to some community members based on their email domain. 

The ranking formula would be something like:

userInfo( = "" || userInfo( = ""

or perhaps

userInfo( contains "" || userInfo( contains ""

(where "contains" is whatever the right syntax is for such a thing :-))

Any ideas for me? I don't particularly want to handle this manually (though I know I could download the list of all users, use excel to find the matching domains, and re-upload via upload roles).


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Hi @CarolineS,

We have implemented a similar thing in our Community with a bit of customization. But the ranking formula you mentioned above will not work. We followed the below steps - 

1. Auto-assign a role for all users who have the domain "" via API.

2. Then  include hasRole("Company") in the ranking formula to assign the desired rank.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much! That makes sense.

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