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Enabling captcha during submitting a new post in Community

Is it possible to enable captcha when user is submitting a new post in Community?

Is it possible in Khoros Community?



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this is to prevent spam attack.

Hey @deepu_thomas ,

I believe this post should answer your question:

I believe what you're looking for is the "Require verification for users to post messages" setting.

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Thanks Yuri. So it can be enabled when we are posting on boards as well? Right.

Like when a user is creating a new post on a board , he/she needs to enter captcha.

Apologies, I quoted the wrong setting above. This one should do what you want:

Require verification for users to post messages: presents challenge when users try to post new Forum messages. This option also requires that the Post messages without verification permission be set to Deny for the desired roles in your community. 

Note that you will have to set the permissions accordingly for users you want to have captcha show up.

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