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Exactly what should the CSV look like - Import Roles

Hello! I want to use the import roles feature and want to make sure I do it right. I'm putting the usernames in and they all have roles already, various roles. 

  • Do I need to have a Column A with all usernames, and Column B with all roles they should have INCLUDING the new role? AND all the existing roles they need to keep having?
  • OR should Column B have just the roles I want to add?
  • AND if I'm adding two roles, do they both go in Column B with a comma in between then? Or in separate columns?
  • Does anyone have a sample CSV that would work? That they are willing to share?

For context on what we are doing, we're adding roles associated with an event that begins next week. We'll allow access to certain areas based on role, and look to drive community registration during the event. 

Thanks for any help and advice!!




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Hi @deirdreyee -

You only need to include the new roles that you are adding to the user. If you are adding multiple, you can put the roles in individual columns. Then, when saving to CSV, it will add the comma for you. You can always open the CSV in Notepad to double check that the formatting is correct.

Here is some more thorough documentation on the process:



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Thank you for all your advice. 

happy wheels

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This topic has been very useful for me, thank you.  -Lisa