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Export Group information

Hello Khoros community !

I 'm asking for your help as I have two issues concearning group functionality.  

>>> Issue 1

Is there any way I can export in a csv all groups with the ID of the group ?

Example :

I need :

  • Column 1 (group name): Le groupe des Parisiens
  • Column 2 (group ID): Parisiens-UCPA


I can go URL by URL and copy the ID, but I have more than 500 groups (private) and I need an export or something that will do it automatically.


>>> Issue 2

I need to know to how to what group on our community belong each member.

Is there an easy method not to look but to export all groups and members who belong to them ? Or maybe export all users and the groups to which they belong ?


Thank you for your help !



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Khoros Oracle

For the first question, I believe the easiest way to get that kind of very specific list, in the precise manner that you need it, would be through an API query.  I do not know how the query would be structured, but you could go ask on the Developer part of the Community for advice (assuming that you or somebody on your team has the technical skills to run API queries).

On the other hand, for the non-technical user (like myself), you can get pretty close to that list if you did an export in the LSI analytics engine.  You would do this:

Lithium Social Intelligence > Content > Top 20 (click the gear way over on the right to have the Export CSV option occur) 

It says 'top 20', but the export should reveal ALL of your groups.  What the export will provide is the Group Name, the Group URL (which has the ID of the Group contained within the URL), and various other metrics.

In regards to the Member export question, I am almost certain that this would have to be done via an API query.  There is no single easy way to get that list (as far as I know) through the traditional UI.  

Thanks @JakeR our dev team is expecting some trouble using the API for this case, however we'll deploy LSI component this week and I'll test your solution. 

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