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Hi everyone,

We're in the process of redesigning and restructuring our labels and filtering opportunities and I was hoping to get some input, recommendations, tips and tricks from other users.

Is it possible to introduce a "filter by author", so users would have the opportunity to filter for content they or another specific user have/has engaged with?



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You're talking in search right? If it is in the search in the community you have the option to filter by author


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I've used the Filter by Author option that @HSCommunity mentions above, but for some reason I can never limit the results to JUST the discussions the user has authored. It always seems to bring back both those that the user authored as well as discussions they've replied to. 

I have users who have contributed new discussions over many years, but I haven't found a way for them to see a list of just what they've authored that doesn't also include replies.


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