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Find RSS feed url for forum?

I believe that the following forum is powered by Khoros communities.


I'm just a user of this forum, but how do I find the RSS feed url?

This would allow me to plug the feed directly in my RSS tool rather than having to open the forum site every day.


Ideally, I'd be able to create a custom RSS feed with specific search keywords.


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Hi @clement,

You will need to know the community id. If you know it, you can use the following url template:[CommunityID]/rss/Community


There are many other url templates on this page.

I know neither the custom domain name nor the community id.

I think it might be a subdomain of the main domain

Can you help me find them by looking at the HTML source on ?

I'm not able to access the page you linked with the templates.

I get an 'Access denied'

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Hi, I don't know why you don't have access to the articles. Perhaps, you'll need to request access to it in Khoros support. I see the "private" sign in that page - as far as I know Khoros gives access to a private part to all customers.

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1 Answer. Inside the forum activity, click 'Edit settings', then RSS > RSS feed for this activity: Posts / Discussions; RSS > Number of RSS recent articles: 5 (or anything greater than 0).

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@Sims859 @TanyaGorbunova  I'm not sure what page you're looking at but I cannot see those options.

As I said, I'm not the owner of the forum. I'm just a reader.

Please see


Do you see a way to subscribe to an RSS feed?

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