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Floating Profile Cards

I've noticed here in Atlas that when you hover over an author's avatar, a floating card appears showing their name, rank, badges, etc. It seems this is the Profile Card feature. All the documentation I can find on this seems to indicate the feature isn't available when using a responsive skin. However, the Atlas site seems to be using a responsive skin, so I'm not sure if the information is just out of date or it really is a limitation of the platform. Anyone have experience with this? Example:



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Curious also, as I'd really love to use it with our community.


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This is part of the "Support theme" the Atlas community launched on during the most recent relaunch in 2018/2019. The theme comes with a few features like the lazy loading message list and the profile hover card features as pre-built components that are not necessarily part of the stock Khoros Community functionality.

You might want to check if your community is using the support theme as well, but I assume it still requires Khoros Professional Services to get it enabled.

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Hi @Claudius 
This looks pretty cool.
Who controls what goes into the Card: Community Admin or Community Members?


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So, yes, if your community uses the Support Theme, a library of customizations built and maintained by Khoros Professional Services, you already have a profile card.  It may or may not be useful for you, but if you have some Community coding chops, you can modify it using the instructions from my reply on this thread:

If you don't have in-house developers, Services can help.

If your community does not use the Support Theme, you can still implement a profile card, but you'd have to either build one from scratch or engage Services to help.

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