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Flood controls for posts w/ different subject lines

Hi ya'll,

We had a big (for us :-)) spam attack last night - a few hundred posts posted over the course of a few hours by about 10 different user accounts, each with a different subject line.

I've been looking into the various settings available to make this harder for these spammers next time. I found the Flood controls for community posts document as well as the numerous ideas posted for improvements to the system over the years.

Flood Controls seem to limit user posts with identical subject lines. I haven't quite been able to ascertain if there's a way to limit user posts overall. E.g. only 2 posts w/in one minute,. for example. Is this possible?

My guess is that there is not a way, but I thought I'd ask just in case!


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Hey Caroline,

This should be possible, I believe the article you linked is incomplete and we should be able to support # of posts in x time period regardless of whether they have the same subject. Please open a support ticket as suggested and they should be able to help out.

I have also reached out to our documentation team to clarify the article you linked.

Thank you and hope this helps,


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Oh, that's great news! thanks!

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