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Fonts and sizes change when I copy and paste

Good day everyone,

I have started seeing an issue and wonder if you have too.
A blog is written in Word and checked to ensure the font and size are consistent. When I copy the Word doc and paste the information into a blog, the size of the type changes.

Is this a bug in the editor?
Thanks for your help.


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Hi @Toby 

We see this behavior sometimes as well when copying content from word or confluence.

The best is to "paste it as plain text", or make a step in between and paste it in a Note++ editor and copying it again from there (that removes any formatting).

If the text is not too long, you can also edit the text afterward in the HTML view. Just remove the formatting part e.g. after the p of the paragraph. Like <p remove all the formatting info from here if you do not need it> so that you only see <p>.

Hope the info helps you.

Best, Esther

Community Manager @TeamViewer
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Community Manager - Seismic Software