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Group Header Image

Hey all.

We're setting up a discussion group and looking to add a custom image to the header but I'm now a bit lost on where to go.

I've uploaded an image to the asset library but having a tough time figuring out next steps. Here's a screen cap of where I want the image to go (currently broken image😞


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@Dru - You need to upload the image in Group Editor Section under the Admin Section.

Refer to below SS: (1).png 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks, @Payal !


I did manage to find that setting but the same broken image shows up. The image I'm using is a PNG file which I think should be okay?

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@Dru - Image extension should not be an issue in this case and the above steps are working fine on my instance.  Maybe, you need to contact to Lithium Support.


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