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Group Hubs - somewhere between "closed" and "hidden"


I am trying to configure a group hub to be somewhere between "closed" and "hidden":

(1) I want folks who have the URL to get to the "Request to join" page (with a "Hidden" group they'd get an error page)

(2) I don't want the group to be discoverable via menus / group hub page (which they are with a "closed" group).

The use case for this is that this is a group for people who are participating in a virtual course  via our LMS. We'd like them to be able to request to join the private group from a link in the LMS - but we don't want community members to find the group w/o having the link.

There's no "hide from lists and menus" option for group hubs, so I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Maybe put the group inside a Category that is hidden from lists & menus? Something else?


- Caroline

P.S. Is anyone using hidden groups in a way that makes it necessary for the URL of the group to lead to an error page?

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Ok, I figured out a workaround:

1) set the group to "closed"

2) put the group in a category that is set to NOT show in lists / menus

3) If you don't want the category to show in the breadcrumb / basically be invisible, set Admin > Display > Categories > Disable HTML links for categories

I imagine the group will still appear in the group listing page, but we have't set that up on our community. What matters to us is that it doesn't show up in the hamburger menu / home page for people who aren't members.

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This is one of my biggest rants about Group Hubs still that they left out the hide option on the node. While this maybe seemed like a small thing to their product team, it completely destroyed our sites navigation. We have a bunch of one-off code just to handle the navigation in our Groups section to account for this mess 😞

tldr; You aren't alone, this is a legitimate problem that I know multiple communities have had.