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How can I prevent a User to change his E-Mail Adress

A part of our community is only visible to Customers and/or Partners. We want to avoid that they keep their access when leaving the company. How can we prevent them to change their e-Mail Adresses after they create their account? Admins should be able to change this? Is there a setting for this?

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@clangmayr - I don't seem to find/ remember a direct way through permissions to do this. The only permission which is configurable is to either deny/ allow users to change the usernames.


However, a quick way would be to hide email tab/ disable the fields on the email tab or put a redirect to settings page when a normal user is going to the email tab in order to keep them away from changing the email. This can be done on the basis of roles as well, so the admins or other special roles, if require can still change their emails.

This is the email change page - /t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/personal-profile:email

Just a few snippets of code would be required. 

I hope this helps.

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Email Change Verification is an important security feature that helps Salesforce prevent email fraud by verifying that customers own the email address they're sending from Prepaid Gift Balance.

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Hi @clangmayr,

Have you tried by unchecking this setting: Admin -> System -> SSO -> Allow SSO user Email changes?

Please refer to this document for more details.