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How can a GitHub Gist be embedded in a post on a Khoros Community?

Does anybody know if/how a GitHub Gist can be embedded in a post on a Khoros Community (e.g. blog)?

A Gist is normally embedded in a page by copying the "Embed" HTML snippet text from the Gist and pasting that text into a page. For example, from this Gist


This gives an HTML <script> tag to be pasted into a web page like:

<script src=""></script>

However I can't find any way to allow a <script> tag like this to be used in a Khoros Community post. I'd like to include Gists in a blog posting.

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Honored Contributor

I don't think it's possible to include <script> tags within the content of a blog post / forum post. Even with "Advanced" HTML permissions, <script> tags are filtered out.

You can embed <script> tags within custom content components, so you could put one in the sidebar of the blog, for example.