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How do I exclude replies from the count of Ideas in a board, and only show number of actual Ideas.

I have a set of Ideas boards in different categories. The list of boards shows a count of posts, but this count also includes replies to the ideas.


For example, Board A says "8 Ideas" but the board actually only contains 2 ideas, with a total of 6 replies to them. 


Where do I tweak this so that it only counts the top level nodes and so displays "2 Ideas"?

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@dpowles - You need to add "depth=0" if you are using LIQL query to get the ideas, it will display only the main idea post and exclude replies.

For example:

Select count(*) from messages where'idea' and depth = 0

Please let me know if this helps.


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Makes sense, but where would this change be made - within Studio?


I didn't configure this so I'm not familiar where to make these tweaks to queries.

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@dpowles - Can you please confirm if you are using custom component or OOTB, means Khoros default component? 

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@Payal , some custom components are in use - just not sure if this one is custom or OOTB.

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@dpowles - If this is a custom component, then there will be  LIQL query used and you need to make a change in that. 

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I have this same situation.  Ours is likely NOT a custom component. Do I need to use a custom one to make this change?

@mhock in which out-of-the-box component are you seeing that incorrect count? That seems like a bug to me.

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I am in studio looking for the page and I can't find it to give you the components.  It is landing page that list all of our idea boards.  

How would a page like that be labeled in studio? 

I can find the idea page but I am looking for one level above.  I would share the URL but we have a closed Community.  It wouldn't help. 

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A page above ideation nodes sounds like a category page. You can identify a page type by looking at the URL. I assume the one you are looking at contains "ct-p" in the URL. See here for a full explanation

If that's the case you would need to have a look at the "Category Page" layout in Studio and check which component - out of the box or custom - is used on that location. Then we can identify next steps.

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