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How do I generate a list of users who have posted or viewed a board - including email addresses?

I'm fairly new to Lithium admin - Just looking for a way to output a report that will provide a list of email addresses for all logged in users who have posted (or viewed) to a particular board.


Any suggestions?

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Hi and welcome!

I think this will be a several-step process:

(1) Use LSI's "content" reports (Content > Forums > Find the specific forum you want, click "Members" just underneath the report name at the top) OR (Content > All Categories > Drill down the hierarchy until you find the forum you're looking for > click "Members". Then export this report.

(2) Pull a User report from Admin > Metrics > User Reports '

(3) Use excel to vlookup the user email addresses from the User report for each user in the LSI report.

We do this a lot. It's not super fun, but since LSI doesn't have email addresses, I think it's the only way to go (unless you're handy with the API...)




Thanks for this tidbit.  I added a filter of a Thread ID to try to do this for an idea.  My problem is I can only get the top 50 people.  Do you know how to get everyone who kudoed an idea?

With that Thread filter ID am I really only getting the metrics on that thread?  It appears to be true.


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Hi @mhock -

You should be able to export the report to CSV (from the little gear icon in the upper-right of the table) to see the full list.

Not sure about the thread filter ID!