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How to delete my account ?

I have been searching how I can delete my account, but no solution! Can anyone tell me, please?
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There's no feature built into Lithium that allows a user to delete their own account. A community user account can be disabled by a Moderator / Community Manager though which would practically disallow access to using the community account any further.

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Should a moderator disable a user's account, would their username still show up wihtin a Google search??


Any particular reason why an account can't be deleted?


Thanks in advance,




The main reason that an account cannot be "deleted" is because it can really add a huge wrinkle to a database.  The same reason why it is a best practice to move inappropriate posts to a private area (so to the community it *looks* deleted) , rather than delete them.


Still, your question is well understood.  In cases where a username needs to be blown away, it is possible for an Admin / Mod to change a username to something that they see fit (e.g. "ex_user, fomer_user, removed_user, etc).


Sometimes the issue can be confused if the community is SSO (where the username is changed on the Lithium side, but then the user logs back in again via the corporate database and it resets the old username), but there are other ways of handling that specific use-case.


Bottom line: When in doubt, move and/or rename, rather than delete






Thanks for the quick and thorough response, JakeR. Much appreciated.

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This is very helpful; however, I'd love to know how to rename a user since that is the recommendation. I looked through the Admin section but nothing jumped out at me so had to ask. Thanks!


Does your community use Single Sign On (SSO)?


If so, then you need to contact whomever manages that database to doublecheck whether they can change the username on their side.


If your community does not use SSO, then try this:


1.  Go to the member's profile >

2.  Scroll down to the Moderator Control section and click on "View / Manager this User's Settings"

3.  After you are brought to that user's settings, click on the "Personal Profile" tab

4.  Select "Username" from the field of options on the left

5.  Change the Username in the "Username" field and then click the "Change Username" button


Hope this info helps.

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Thanks for the info. We have a heavy amount of customization on the site so, unfortunately, this ability is not visible on the profile from an admin view. Is there any way to do it strictly in the back end or is this functionality only available on the user profile within the community view?


Hmmm...I understand.  Ok try this trick:


Hover over the user's profile and in the lower left hand corner of your browser there should be a tiny little indicator of a URL; something like: (substitute your actual community name in that first part of the URL)


The key is the 421 part (of course it is a totally different number for the user you're hovering over). 


Now what you want to do is plug in that user-id number to this type of URL: (make sure you substitute in your actual community name as well as the correct user-id that you got from your earlier hover.


Hopefully this should bring you to the page where you can make the change.  Admittedly, this is kind of a murky way of getting you what you need, and the application may not cooperate for you depending on your customizations.  If that is the case, best to open a Support Ticket and make the request through our Support Team.


How do you disable an account? I'm looking, but only see options to ban a user.