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How to link to a user profile page

Hi all!

I'm trying to figure out a URL that we could share with *all* users in a post that, when any user clicks on it, it takes them to their *own* profile page. Alternatively, it could take them to their *own* badges page. I'm unable to find the correct URL parameters for this so that we can share a single URL that will work for every user.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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@nadiajoyce - Do you want to add a link while creating a new post(On Message Body)? 

This wouldn't be possible without any customization, either you can create a custom component and can include on message quilt. However, this will include that link on every message. 

Component example

<a href="/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/${}"> Profile Link  </a>
<a href="/t5/badges/userbadgespage/user-id/${}/page/1"> Badge Link  </a>

If you want to add a link on message body using the editor.  You can add a different class the link, and by using jQuery script, you can change the link. 

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