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How to show more than 10 topics on the home page?


We'd like to show more than 10 topics on our home page; does anyone know how to do this?

When I go to Display > Front Page and set "Latest Topics component: Number of topics" to anything higher than 10, I get an error.



I'll also file a case with support but thought I'd ask here in case anyone has solved this already.


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Hello @CarolineS! There are a handful of soft-limits in the admin settings. I'm 96% sure this particular one is something support can help you with and recommend opening a case to confirm.


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Thanks @Drew_C ! I’ll see what support says and will report back here!

It is indeed the case that support can bump up this limit. Huzzah!

(Side note: 10 as a MAX seems like a silly default setting. Seems like it'd save support some work and the rest of us some minor headaches if the default limit was higher. But oh well; feels too minor to post as an idea)


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