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I hope to use in China, this community can support the Chinese language?

Whether it will increase Chinese support?

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Hi @songwanxu:


Hope this Documents will help you:


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Abhishek Illindra

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Hi @songwanxu,


If your question is viewing the community in Chinese, then I think this might help you.

At present community is supporting only English. Enabling language packs to the community is a Lithium support work and the decisions on enabling the language packs to the community will be taken the Lithium Business team.


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Srujana Satya

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Hello WanXu


Quick answer to your question is Yes. Lithium Powered Community platform is supporting Chinese language. I am Community Manager of HP Chinese Support Community. The URL is You can take a look at it. Lithium is a great choice for Support Community. Very powerful platform, very good service and great insights. 



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@Chao - thanks so much for the info about the HP Chinese Support Community! I'm curious if you're runnning on a separate instance of Lithium, or if you have a single instance that supports folks inside and outside of China. Thanks!

Hi Caroline 

The community is a separate instance of Lithium. The operation team is based in China. 


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Thanks so much for the response, @Chao ! Is all of the hosting in China too?

Hi Caroline

You are welcome. I am not sure if I understand exactly. The server is U.S. But there is CDN enabled. The page loading speed is not perfect. But it is workable. 


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Perfect, that’s what I wanted to know! 

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