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Also, I would really like to see IPv6 support at the Lithium sites. When is that coming?

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Hey @remaker, my understanding is that Lithium Community already supports IPv6 address display. What exactly are you after?

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Lithium doesn't use IPv6:


some examples: is an alias for has address is an alias for has address is an alias for has address has no AAAA record has no AAAA record has no AAAA record



That is a really bad situation. More then 50% of the Vodafone and Telekom customers use already IPv6 in Germany, where the forum is used for.


Vodafone-Users mostly have a bad IPv4-connection (behind cgn).




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Yes, this is also the case with T-Mobile in the US. 


What is the Lithium plan for IPv6?

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Not at all. Do a DNS lookup on any hosted Lithium community and you will
find only IPv4 addresses (A records) returned.
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No answer from lithium, no progress.
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Does anyone at Lithium even read these forums?

You are right. Lithium sells its "service" to save staff.

And they do it in their forum too. They hope the customers solve the problems of the company.







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Lithium do read the boards but this is a peer 2 peer support community not a lithium support site and from reading the topic your peers have answered the question anyway.

If you need an answer from lithium have you not considered contacting your sucsess manager, or maybe your Techical account manager or better still contact support, raise a case???

Anyone who's anyone in the world of web will have a plan for IPv6 and I'm sure lithium are no different but just because they have a plan doesn't mean they are able to share it.



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Unfortunately, I am not a customer, but an end user, so I have no standing to raise a case with Lithium.


Nevertheless, you have answered my question.

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